It's exam day  you have worked hard to get here so, it's important to understand what to expect and how to behave on the exam day. The video below will give you all the advices you need. It will also show you how to avoid mistakes that can stop you from getting the results you deserve.


Before the exam

  • Find out from your exams officer: when your exam starts and where you need to go check here .
  • Arrive on time: if you are late you might not be able to sit the exam.
  • Pack your pens and any other station you need in a see though pencil case.
  • Any food or drink you want to take into the exam should be in clear packaging and should not disrupt other candidates.
  • Bring photo ID or passport to all your exams.
  • There are things you cannot take with you into the exam like  mobile phones, switch them off and hand them in.
  • Ask your exam officer for a full list of things you are not allowed to take into the exam.
  • If you take unauthorized items into the exam we may not issue your results.


During the exam

  • The exam is in progress as son as you are into the room.
  • Listen to the invigilators instructions and do not talk to other students.
  • Sit at the desk with your candidate number and name on it.
  • If you talk to or disturb other candidates you may be asked to leave the exam room.
  • If you have to leave the room temporarily raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to come to your desk.
  • Write your name, candidate number and your centre number on anything you want to hand in for marking.
  • Cross trough anything  you do not want to be marked.
  • The invigilators will give you instructions for this at the beginning of the exam.
  • Check the time during the exam there will be a clock in the room, the invigilator will tell you when you have 10 and  5 minutes left.


After the exam

  • Do not talk until you have left the exam room.
  • Do not take any questions papers with you, we consider it as a misuse of exam materials and we may not issue your results.


We hope this tips will help you understand what to expect from a . For more information check this page or contact us at

Best wishes for your upcoming Cambridge exams!


What to expect from a Cambridge exam